We offer a wide variety of sharpening services. Whatever your profession is, we know a sharp tool is the key to success.

Making Soba Noodles

Chef and Standard Knives


Skilled sharpening with Dicks Diamond Sharpening Machine

$1.50 Skilled Hand or Machine Sharpening

Gardening Tools

Craft and Tailor

Craft and Tailor Shears $22

1/2"-3" Utility Shears $8-$22

Gardening Tools $8 and up

Lawn Mower Blades $10

Axes      $8 and up 

Machette $10 and up

Dog Grooming Tools


Convex Shears $25

Curved Shears $25

Chunker Shears $25

Beveled Shears $25

Standard Clipper Blade $8

5 in One blades $10

Large Clipper Blade $10

<1/2" Beard/Nose/Nail $3


Beauticians and Barbers

Convex Scissors $35

Beveled Scissors $30

Standard Clipper Blade $8

Large Clipper Blade $10
<1/2" Beard/Nose/Nail $5

by Brooks with Love